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Episode 266: Kiss Keepers & Clunkers: The Solo Projects

Episode 266: Kiss Keepers & Clunkers: The Solo Projects
Podcasts collide as Pat and Kyle are joined by Chris Czynszak from the Decibel Geek Podcast to discuss KISS "Solo" Keepers & Clunkers.
From August 18, 2016

With your host:

Pat Francis

00:00:00 No. No no no. We were done. We were finished. Two whole parts, over FOUR HOURS of audio all devoted to Kiss. I survived it, to Mordor and back. I just.... you can't make me go through this again. It's too much. It's barbaric. I refuse! No more. That's what I say. No more. No one else should have to feel this pain! Hey, what are you doing?! Get off me! HELP! HEEEEEELP! PLE- *conk* *muffled cry* *van speeds away*

Pat and Kyle welcome us to the show. Today in the co-host seat is another music podcast aficionado. From the Decibel Geek Podcast, it's Chris Czynszak! Chris brought along his brother Eric and his friend Greg. Everyone in the room is a fan of Kiss. The Decibel Geek Podcast is a weekly music podcast that Chris hosts with his buddy Aaron. They've been going strong for over five years.
00:05:00 Decibel Geek is focused on hard rock and metal, especially classic rock and metal, but they also focus on newer bands that have the similar sounds. One of those classic bands, obviously, is Kiss, which is Chris' favorite band. Today, the epic saga of Kiss Keepers & Clunkers reaches its third stage with SOLO PROJECTS!!! The members of Kiss have many solo projects, which will be featured today for our listening pleasure. Pat briefly recaps his Kiss fandom, with first concert (The Dynasty Tour) and first album (Love Gun).
00:10:00 Some more Kiss discussion early on: Tommy Thayer's good looks, putting on the makeup is hard, Chris's first Kiss concert during the Hot in the Shade Tour, the non-makeup years, and "Maude of Thunder." Eventually we get to the meat of the podcast: the music. Such as in Parts 1 and 2, Pat and Chris will each pick a keeper (a good song) and a clunker (a bad song) on the given album. Pat notes that sometimes there are no "bad" songs, so it's the song he likes the least. We kick things off with arguably the best Kiss solo effort ever, Ace Frehley and his '78 self-titled solo album. Pat, Chris, and Kyle agree that Ace's is the best of the '78 solos, with Paul coming in at a close second.
00:15:00 Pat and Chris discuss the four '78 solos and how they could have combined those songs to make a great Kiss album. They also wonder if Ace ever presented his solo songs to the band at any point. Chris' keeper is "What's on Your Mind". That song was also Pat's keeper. Chris' "clunker" which is actually a song he likes is "Snow Blind". Chris can't even call it a clunker. Pat can't call his clunker a clunker either, but he chose the instrumental "Fractured Mirror".
00:20:00 Chris compliments Ace's composition work and wonders why he didn't do any scoring. "He's a mess," says Pat. Point taken. We're sticking with Ace. Ace left the band in 1982 and formed Frehley's Comet in 1984. In 1987, they released their self-titled debut album. Chris' keeper is "Rock Soldiers". Ace name checks himself twice in the song, naturally. His clunker is a song called "Dolls".
00:25:00 A creepy song that Ace doesn't fit singing. Save the creepy for Alice Cooper, Ace is the rocker. Chris talks about his daughters not being fans of Kiss. Pat knows it all too well. We cruise back to 1978 for the self-titled solo album from Peter Criss. Most agree, including Pat, that this is the worst of the four '78 solos. Pat's keeper is "I Can't Stop the Rain". Pat clarifies that he likes Peter's singing voice, but not the songs.
00:30:00 Pat's clunker is called "You Matter to Me". Yeeeeeeeeesh. "Do you think he recorded it in a leisure suit?" asks Chris. His keeper was also "I Can't Stop the Rain." His clunker is "That's the Kind of Sugar Papa Likes". The title alone is clunktastic.
Going back to Ace Frehley and Frehley's Comet, it's the second FC album Second Sighting. Pat and Chris concur that the album stinks. Ace was such a mess at the time they had to slap it together. Chris' keeper is the song "Insane". Chris did not pick a clunker for this album, he just wanted to showcase that song.
00:35:00 Pat's next album that he puts on display is the third of the '78 solos, this one belonging to Gene Simmons. Pat's keeper is "Radioactive".
00:40:00 Pat likes some of the songs on the album, but he laughs... LAUGHS... at Gene turning his nose up at Peter's solo work, all the while Gene does a version of "When You Wish Upon a Star". "It's such crap," spits Pat. Chris is reminded of an Eric Carr story. Chris and his brother Eric went to that show for Hot in the Shade, but had to leave early because of their curfew. The car doesn't start because Eric left the lights on and the battery died. No one would give them a jump. Eric called their dad to pick them up. Their parents drive AN HOUR to pick them up, but then en route the dead car starts up! The parents show up at the wrong entrance and mom shouts out for Eric. The production people thought she was shouting for Eric Carr, so they direct her to the hotel. The mixup was cleared and they all went home. Needless to say dad was not happy.
00:45:00 Chris is not a big fan of Gene's solo album either. The keeper he picks is "Man of a Thousand Faces". He likes the orchestration on it and wishes they had played the song for the Kiss Symphony live album.
We take a step forward and speak about the posthumous Eric Carr album Unfinished Business. Pat's keeper is "Just Can't Wait". Ted Poley from Danger Danger handles the vocals. Eric does sing lead on Pat's clunker, Eric's version of "Shandi" from his Kiss audition tape.
00:50:00 There are some spoken word tracks on the album, where Pat discovered that Eric has a bit of a lisp. Who is Chris' favorite Kiss drummer? Pat's favorite is Eric Singer. Chris' favorite is either Eric Singer during the Revenge era or Peter around '75. Pat found Eric Carr's drumming too thunderous for Kiss, while Chris notes how live Carr's drums sound too processed. Discussion of Eric and Tommy singing Peter and Ace songs is brought up. Chris feels like the band should let "Shock Me" be Ace's song, "Beth" be Peter's song, and let Tommy and Eric sing their own songs.
00:55:00 Chris' keeper from Unfinished Business is called "Eyes of Love". The song was actually rejected by Kiss. His clunker is a song called "Somebody's Waiting" from Eric's other posthumous album Rockology. "You don't hate it, do you?" Kyle asks Pat. "How dare you," answers Pat. He likes it.
01:00:00 The final '78 solo album on display is the Starchild himself Paul Stanley. Pat's keeper is "Wouldn't You Like to Know Me". Great song, maybe the best that will be played on the episode. But it wasn't the single! The single was "Hold Me, Touch Me." Paul makes a brief appearance to explain. Pat's clunker is the song he likes least, "Ain't Quite Right". Which members of Kiss has Chris met? Peter, Ace, Bruce, Mark St. John, and Eric Singer. Pat's met Paul, Eric, Bruce, and Peter. Chris' keeper from Paul's '78 solo is "Tonight You Belong to Me".
01:05:00 Going back to the Cat ("Do we have to?" Chris asks), Pat highlights the second solo album from Peter, Out of Control. "It sucks," says Pat. Plain and simple. Pat's keeper (if you can call it that) is Peter's version of "You Better Run". The clunkiest of the clunkers for Pat is "There's Nothing Better". Chris describes it as a beer commercial in disguise, which is perfect.
01:10:00 There are some albums that you hate, but then listen to later on and try to come up with a different opinion. Pat tried it with Out of Control and it just stinks. Chris does the same with Music from "The Elder" and Cheap Trick's The Doctor and he cannot get into either of them. His clunker from Out of Control is the sweet, tender "By Myself". Chris' OTHER clunker is the title track "Out of Control". Oh Catman, you've done it again.
01:15:00 Chris has a big interest in Vinnie Vincent. He became fascinated in the mystery that is Vinnie and had planned on writing a book about him, but his hard drive crashed 100 pages through. Chris eventually used his research to transition into the podcast. Chris calls Vinnie an enigmatic guy; he's very difficult, but he brought a lot to Kiss. And where is he? Nobody knows. Vinnie's band, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, released their self-titled debut album in 1986. Pat's keeper is "No Substitute". Robert Fleischman sings on the album, but he's gone before the first video. He was replaced by Mark Slaughter.
01:20:00 Pat's clunker is "Do You Wanna Make Love". Funny enough Chris picked both of Pat's songs. Fleischman sings his balls off, too much for Pat's liking. What is Chris' least favorite Kiss album? Psycho Circus. Pat's least favorite is Animalize.
In 2004, Gene Simmons puts out the solo album Asshole. Pat's keeper is Gene's cover of The Prodigy's "Firestarter". "It sounds like someone's uncle doing a rave song," moans Chris. Pat's clunker is the song "Beautiful".
"I was afraid if I put it on the shelf, the other albums would start to decay."
- Pat, on "Asshole"
01:25:00 Chris' keeper from the album was co-written by Frank Zappa. The whole Zappa family debacle is brought up for a brief tangent. The song is called "Black Tongue". Gene honoring the Zappa groove there.
01:30:00 Keeping things relatively contemporary, we move on to Ace's solo album Anomaly. Pat's keeper is "Outer Space". His clunker is "A Little Below the Angels" and it features a very familiar phrase:
Chris' keeper from the album is Ace's cover of Sweet's "Fox on the Run".
01:35:00 Sticking with Ace, his most recent release is a covers album Origins, Vol. 1. It's not a strong effort, Ace made some weak choices with his covers. Pat's clunker is Ace doing "Wild Thing" with Lita Ford. His keeper is Thin Lizzy's "Emerald". Once again, Pat and Chris picked the same songs. Chris very much prefers Ace's original material. Of all the Kiss guys, Ace is the one you root for the most. You just want him to win.
01:40:00 We're on an Ace kick. Chris plays some songs from 1989's Trouble Walkin'. His keeper is the title track "Trouble Walkin'". The clunker features some of Skid Row on background vocals, a song called "Back to School". Much like Brian May or Dave Knopfler, Ace has that distinct guitar sound.
Speaking of distinct sounds, Peter Criss put out an album called Let Me Rock You. Pat's keeper is the Vinnie Vincent-penned "Tears". Pat's clunker is the track "Let Me Rock You". Peter Criss, doo-wop legend.
01:45:00 Pat's clunker is the track "Let Me Rock You". Peter Criss, doo-wop legend. Chris' first song is "Feel Like Heaven". The song was written by Gene, so Chris surmises that Gene was trying to sabotage Peter's album. We then hear the Kiss demo version of it and Gene says something so awful that I smashed a hammer into my brain to remove it from my memory. Meanwhile an earlier Stallone reference makes Pat play "Drinkenstein" from Rhinstone and OH MY GOD WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THIS?!?!?!
01:50:00 Let's give Paul some love and hear his solo album Live to Win. Pat calls it a great album, while Chris is not so hot on it. Pat's keeper is "Bulletproof". Pat tried to get Paul to sign this album at the House of Blues, but no dice. Are there artists that Chris likes that people wouldn't expect? Jewel, Joan Osborne. Some 90s country. Living in Nashville, Chris has access to a lot of Sunset Strip guys that moved out there. He also got to peak into Tom Petersson's apartment once.
01:55:00 Pat's clunker from Live to Win is a song called "Lift". Pat's issue with that song, which Chris feels reflects why he doesn't like the whole album, is that it's trying too hard to be modern rock. Chris' keeper is a song called "Where Angels Dare". Chris' clunker is "All About You".
02:00:00 Will Paul do another solo album? His voice is not sounding too good these days. Chris thinks there may be another Kiss album with a mixed amount of voices on lead, but not another Paul solo album with just him singing. Pat and Chris discuss Paul as a frontman, comparing him to DLR and others.
02:05:00 Back once more to Peter Criss. The gang discuss Peter's attitude. He was a real jerk back in the day, but Chris believes him to be a changed man because of his cancer scare. The album is Cat #1. Pat isn't a fan of Peter's band here. He feels the same way about them as he does the guys in Skid Row. A conversation arises around Skid Row and Sebastian because Chris is friends with Rachel Bolan.
02:10:00 Chris' keeper from Cat #1 is "Blue Moon over Brooklyn". As for the clunker, Chris picks "Bad People Burn in Hell".
02:10:00 We've only got a little more to go, so let's hear Ace's last album of originals Space Invader. Pat's and Chris' keeper is "I Wanna Hold You". Pat's clunker is "Past the Milky Way".
02:15:00 Chris' clunker is a song called "Toys". Oh boy. "I can already see myself going to the bathroom during this song," says Kyle.
Vinnie Vincent Invasion's second and final album is All Systems Go. Pat's keeper is called "Love Kills". Fleischman left the band because Vinnie gave him a huge contract to sign without reading it. He refused, left, and Slaughter came in.
02:20:00 Pat's clunker is a high-pitched rocker called "Heavy Petting". Chris' keeper is called "That Time of Year". That's it for Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Chris notes that Vinnie Vincent, for all his neuroses and faults, did contribute some great stuff for Kiss.
02:25:00 Plugs time. You can find The Decibel Geek Podcast and all 250+ of their episodes on their website Their Twitter is @DecibelGeekPod and their Facebook is Decibel Geek Podcast. Chris and Aaron are knowledgeable, funny, and passionate about all matters of rock and metal, as you can no doubt tell from this episode. They also have great guests. Pat asks Chris who was their biggest "Oh my god this is actually happening" guest? Desmond Child.
Peter Criss. Here we go, one more time, once more with feeling. The album is 2007's One for All. Pat's keeper is the ironically-titled "Doesn't Get Better Than This". And now, for Pat's clunker, Peter sings a version of "Send in the Clowns". Peter Criss singing Stephen Sondheim. What a time to be alive.
02:30:00 We don't want to end on that. Not on THAT. Pat thanks Chris for coming on the show, and for Eric and Greg for hanging out in the background. Chris is gonna take us out, but first we're gonna highlight Bruce Kulick and his solo album BK3. Chris plays "Dirty Girl" which features the late Doug Fieger. Rock in Peace Doug Fieger.
02:35:00 There are other Kiss solo projects that were not mentioned, but Chris is going to focus on one specific member: Mark St. John, the oft-forgotten Kiss member. Chris focuses on a band called The Mark St. John Project. Off the self-titled EP, the song is "No, I'm Not Afraid".
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:15:00 What's on Your Mind Ace Frehley Ace Frehley Chris
00:15:00 Snow Blind Ace Frehley Ace Frehley Chris
00:15:00 Fractured Mirror Ace Frehley Ace Frehley Pat
00:20:00 Rock Soldiers Frehley's Comet Frehley's Comet Chris
00:20:00 Dolls Frehley's Comet Frehley's Comet Chris
00:25:00 I Can't Stop the Rain Peter Criss Peter Criss Pat
00:30:00 You Matter to Me Peter Criss Peter Criss Pat
00:30:00 That's the Kind of Sugar Papa Likes Peter Criss Peter Criss Chris
00:30:00 Insane Second Sighting Frehley's Comet Chris
00:35:00 Radioactive Gene Simmons Gene Simmons Pat
00:40:00 When You Wish Upon a Star Gene Simmons Gene Simmons Pat
00:45:00 Man of a Thousand Faces Gene Simmons Gene Simmons Chris
00:45:00 Just Can't Wait Unfinished Business Eric Carr Pat
00:45:00 Shandi Unfinished Business Eric Carr Pat
00:55:00 Eyes of Love Unfinished Business Eric Carr Chris
00:55:00 Somebody's Waiting Rockology Eric Carr Chris
01:00:00 Wouldn't You Like to Know Me Paul Stanley Paul Stanley Pat
01:00:00 Ain't Quite Right Paul Stanley Paul Stanley Pat
01:00:00 Tonight You Belong to Me Paul Stanley Paul Stanley Chris
01:05:00 You Better Run Out of Control Peter Criss Pat
01:05:00 There's Nothing Better Out of Control Peter Criss Pat
01:10:00 By Myself Out of Control Peter Criss Chris
01:10:00 Out of Control Out of Control Peter Criss Chris
01:15:00 No Substitute Vinnie Vincent Invasion Vinnie Vincent Invasion Pat
01:20:00 Do You Wanna Make Love Vinnie Vincent Invasion Vinnie Vincent Invasion Pat
01:20:00 Firestarter Asshole Gene Simmons Pat
01:20:00 Beautiful Asshole Gene Simmons Pat
01:25:00 Black Tongue Asshole Gene Simmons Chris
01:30:00 Outer Space Anomaly Ace Frehley Pat
01:30:00 A Little Below the Angels Anomaly Ace Frehley Pat
01:30:00 Fox on the Run Anomaly Ace Frehley Chris
01:35:00 Wild Thing Origins, Vol. 1 Ace Frehley Pat
01:35:00 Emerald Origins, Vol. 1 Ace Frehley Pat
01:40:00 Trouble Walkin' Trouble Walkin' Ace Frehley Chris
01:40:00 Back to School Trouble Walkin' Ace Frehley Chris
01:40:00 Tears Let Me Rock You Peter Criss Pat
01:45:00 Let Me Rock You Let Me Rock You Peter Criss Pat
01:45:00 Feel Like Heaven Let Me Rock You Peter Criss Chris
01:50:00 Bulletproof Live to Win Paul Stanley Pat
01:55:00 Lift Live to Win Paul Stanley Pat
01:55:00 Where Angels Dare Live to Win Paul Stanley Chris
01:55:00 All About You Live to Win Paul Stanley Chris
02:10:00 Blue Moon over Brooklyn Cat #1 Peter Criss Chris
02:10:00 Bad People Burn in Hell Cat #1 Peter Criss Chris
02:10:00 I Wanna Hold You Space Invader Ace Frehley Pat
02:10:00 Past the Milky Way Space Invader Ace Frehley Pat
02:15:00 Toys Space Invader Ace Frehley Chris
02:15:00 Love Kills All Systems Go Vinnie Vincent Invasion Pat
02:20:00 Heavy Petting All Systems Go Vinnie Vincent Invasion Pat
02:20:00 That Time of Year All Systems Go Vinnie Vincent Invasion Chris
02:25:00 Doesn't Get Better Than This One for All Peter Criss Pat
02:25:00 Send in the Clowns One for All Peter Criss Pat
02:30:00 Dirty Girl BK3 Bruce Kulick Chris
02:35:00 No, I'm Not Afraid The Mark St. John Project The Mark St. John Project Chris

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Episode 265: Sequels

Episode 265: Sequels
Pat and Kyle discuss that rare occurrence in recorded music... sequel albums and some sequel songs too. They also do lots of math and drift off course into many tangent topics.
From August 11, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Kyle Dodson

00:00:00 Pat and Kyle welcome us to the show. The Dodson Boys, back at it again. Today the gruesome twosome will be discussing SEQUELS! These are sequel albums that artists do to compliment previously successful albums. BUT FOIST!

Steven Tyler has a new country solo album out called We're All Somebody from Somewhere. Pat plays the title track "We're All Somebody from Somewhere". Doesn't sound bad, but Pat reveals that he edited something out of the song. He plays the unedited version and Tyler--in the middle of the song--stops to say this:

Pat then plays the lead single "Red, White & You" and AGAIN, the lyrics take a sharp left turn because he sings about falling into a woman's "Yum-Yum." *shudder*
00:05:00 All in all, according to Pat, the album isn't terrible. More listenable than the previous Aerosmith album. Kyle has a NMR of his own. His friend Nick Miller has a new album out on Bandcamp called No, Hard Feelings. Kyle plays the song "Losing My Hair". Some enjoyable acoustic guitar. Then again, he's not falling into Yum-Yum, so points off for Mr. Miller. Kyle plays another track, "Just Like Before". Pat and Kyle give it the Rock Solid stamp of approval.
00:10:00 Alright, time for sequels. Albums and a few songs mixed in there too. The reason Pat chose this topic is because he picked up ABC's recent release The Lexicon of Love II, a sequel to their big album The Lexicon of Love. April's been bugging Pat to get into ABC, so Pat got the album and he really likes it. Pat plays "Poison Arrow" off the original. He then plays a deeper track called "Valentine's Day".
00:15:00 34 years later, here comes the sequel The Lexicon of Love II. Pat plays "Viva Love". It really captures the essence of LOL I, as Pat notes. Another song from LOL II is played, "Ten Below Zero". Is Pat gonna get every single ABC album now? Yup. Did he also recently get every Byrds and Kansas album? YUUUUUUUUUP.
The next artist on the docket: Harry Chapin. Pat plays his big hit "Taxi" off the album Heads & Tales. The timeless tale of cabbie Harry and his fare Sue, his former love. She's now a famous actress, he's a failed pilot, they're both miserable. You get the picture.
00:20:00 In 1980, Chapin released a song called "Sequel" off the album Sequel. Indeed, it's a sequel to "Taxi." Except now.... IN A SHOCKING TWIST... Harry the cabbie is now a successful musician. He's a high roller, wheelin' and dealin', and he's looking for Sue. But what happened to Sue? We'll check back in later, folks. Gotta keep you on the hook somehow.
Kyle brought some music of his own. Metallica has an album called Load. Kyle plays the single "Until It Sleeps".
00:25:00 The next year, the band release Reload. Kyle plays the opening track, "Fuel". The Black Album sold 16 million (!), then Load & Reload combined sold 9 million. But it was after a 5-year hiatus, so good for Metallica for managing to sustain a good foothold. Pat has some caveats for sequel albums: If two albums come out on the same day, it doesn't count (Use Your Illusion I & II; Human Touch & Lucky Town). If the albums are self-titled, it doesn't count (Led Zeppelin I, II, III, & IV; Van Halen I & II).
Next up for Pat is Alice Cooper. Off the album Welcome to My Nightmare, he plays the title track "Welcome to My Nightmare".
00:30:00 A sequel is eventually released called Welcome 2 My Nightmare. Pat plays "I'll Bite Your Face Off". He follows this up with another song, "Under the Bed".
00:35:00 For this next one, Pat decides--in his infinite wisdom--that the band wanted an album to be a sequel. First up, Escape by Journey. Pat plays "Keep on Runnin'". 30 years later, out comes Eclispse. Why does Pat consider it a sequel? Because both albums have the same spelling format, with the numbers replacing some letters. Inspector Francis' ingenious deductive reasoning is what led to this conclusion. Pat plays "Anything Is Possible". Pat considers Eclipse an unlistenable album. The songs are too long and Arnel Pineda has some vocal effect on him.
00:40:00 Back to Kyle and his musical stylings. He has his own sneaky sequel (a sneaquel, if you will). It's David Bowie. First, we hear "Beauty and the Beast" from the album "Heroes". And then in 2012 we get an album with the same album cover (just with a white square over the center) called The Next Day. Kyle plays "If You Can See Me". Pat prefers The Next Day to "Heroes" because the latter has too many instrumentals for his liking.
00:45:00 Let's check back in with good ol' Harry and Sue. Harry has found Sue. She's older and has fallen from fame. Living in a rundown apartment. We'll check back in later on these two lovebirds because we're got some goddamn Queensrÿche to play. Queensrÿche, people! Pat plays "I Don't Believe in Love" off the album Operation: Mindcrime. Pat likes the song, but he isn't a big fan of Queensrÿche or it's (now former) lead singer Geoff Tate (not THAT Geoff Tate) because of how he looks. Kyle describes him as a white actor in Hollywood cast to play an Ancient Egyptian in a movie and that is PERFECT!
00:50:00 The band decides to release a sequel, appropriately titled Operation: Mindcrime II. Pat plays "I'm American" and then follows this up with "Rearrange You". Mindcrime II didn't light the world on fire as much as its predecessor did, but it still managed to hit 14 on the Billboard 100. Good on you, King Tateankamen.
Let's shake things up. Pat plays "I'm Alright" by Kenny Loggins from the soundtrack to Caddyshack.
00:55:00 Eight years later..... *sigh*.... Caddyshack II. No Rodney. No Murray. Chevy Chase makes a cameo. Jackie Mason, god love him, is no Rodney Dangerfield. BUT the one shining beacon of light in this harbor of miserable shit is Kenny Loggins returning with "Nobody's Fool". Another sneaquel there, courtesy of Mr. Loggins.
01:00:00 Kyle's next artist makes a few sequels of his own, both in music and movies. Off the album Hellbilly Deluxe, it's Rob Zombie with "Dragula". Then we have Hellbilly Deluxe 2 ten years later. Kyle plays "Werewolf Women of the SS". The song is based on the fake trailer of the same name that Zombie made for Grindhouse.
01:05:00 We get another update on Harry and Sue. Harry is successful and on the radio. Sue isn't acting anymore, but she's happy. She's finally and truly happy. Pat and Kyle are convinced that she's lying. Anyway, Pat's next band is Jethro Tull. Decades ago they released Thick as a Brick, one 40 minute long song that was split into two parts, side A and side B (the band's own parody of a concept album because they didn't like being labeled prog rockers). Pat plays a snippet of "Thick as a Brick". Forty years later, lead singer Ian Anderson releases Thick as a Brick 2.
"Thin as a Pin"
- Kyle's suggested subtitle for Thick as a Brick 2

Pat plays "Swing It Far".
01:10:00 Pat and Kyle are creeped out by the lyrics, then listen to another song off the album called "Old School Song". Still creeped out, but the music sounds good. Can't hate on Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull, not on my watch dammit.
We go from Ian to Elton, as Pat plays Elton John. The original album is Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy. He plays "Someone Saved My Life Tonight". We then hear the title track, "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy". The album is an autobiographical tale of Elton and Bernie Taupin.
01:15:00 31 years later, The Captain & the Kid is a chronicle of Elton and Bernie's lives since the first Captain Fantastic came out. Pat plays "The Captain & the Kid".
Kyle's next band is System of a Down and they released two albums six months apart. The first is Mesmerize and Kyle plays the song "Sad Statue". The second, Hypnotize, features the song "Lonely Day". The albums are more companion-y than direct sequels, but we'll allow it.
01:20:00 Kyle makes the mistake of bringing up Serj Tankian, the lead singer of System of a Down, which makes Pat reference (and impersonate) Serge from Beverly Hills Cop. And then we hear a clip of it.

Pat laments the disaster that was Beverly Hills III.
01:25:00 More Harry and Sue for your curious pleasure. Harry is being quite hush-hush about making love to Sue; he won't tell us who cried afterwards (probably him). Does he always cry during sex? Does he have E.D.? And then Harry leaves money for Sue. The story is almost over, stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion. In the meantime, Pat switches things up and talks about LIVE SEQUEL ALBUMS. The Kiss Alive series comes to mind. Pat brings up Peter Frampton and his massive, MASSIVE live album Frampton Comes Alive!!. He plays "Show Me the Way".
01:30:00 Frampton Comes Alive! II comes out 19 years later. Pat plays "Lying".
Another classic live album is Hot August Night by Neil Diamond. Pat plays "Kentucky Woman". After fifteen years of rockin', Neil puts out Hot August Night II. Pat plays "Cracklin' Rosie". "Cracklin' Voicey," notes Kyle.
01:35:00 Another band from Kyle, this one known as Stone Sour, the other band that Corey Taylor from Slipknot sings in. Kyle plays "Absolute Zero" off the album House of Gold & Bones - Part 1. He follows it up with "Do Me a Favor" from House of Gold & Bones - Part 2. Kyle brings up Larry King's interview with Corey Taylor. Larry could not comprehend how Corey could be in two bands at once.
01:40:00 Pat's got another sneaquel for us. Off of A Night at the Opera, it's Queen with "Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to...)". And then we hear "Tie Your Mother Down" off of A Day at the Races. Similar titles, similar album covers. Pat's just sneaking this one in under the wire. Kyle looks up what the song "Death on Two Legs" is about: Queen's former manager.
01:45:00 Back to the regular sequels now, Pat plays "Steppin' Out" by Joe Jackson off the album Night and Day. Pat then plays the final track on the album, "A Slow Song". In 2000, Jackson releases Night and Day II. Pat plays "Stranger Than You".
01:50:00 Pat has saved the biggest and best (?) for last. "The juggernaut of sequel albums," as Pat describes it. This. Is. Meat Loaf!!!!! We begin with Bat Out of Hell. Pat plays the title track "Bat Out of Hell". "This album is 7 songs," starts Pat. "1000 minutes," continues Kyle. The whole thing is just a cavalcade of musicians all brought together to make one big showstopper of an album. Jump ahead 16 years to 1993. Meat Loaf needs a hit. He needs a win.
01:55:00 BAM! Here comes Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell. Pat plays "Everything Louder Than Everything Else". Against all odds, Meat Loaf sells over 14 million albums... in 1993! Another 13 years later: Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose. Pat plays the song "Alive".
02:00:00 Overall, it's a pretty solid trilogy. Meat Loaf has a new album coming out soon and Pat and Jimmy Pardo plan on doing a Meat Loaf episode. Stay tuned for that piece of business. Pat doles out the usual plugs. The new website is coming soon.
We end with Harry, Sue, and things that might have been. See you next time, everybody.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:00:00 We’re All Somebody from Somewhere We’re All Somebody from Somewhere Steven Tyler Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:00:00 Red, White & You We’re All Somebody from Somewhere Steven Tyler Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:05:00 Losing My Hair No, Hard Feelings Nick Miller Kyle (New Music Roundup)
00:05:00 Just Like Before No, Hard Feelings Nick Miller Kyle (New Music Roundup)
00:10:00 Poison Arrow The Lexicon of Love ABC Pat
00:10:00 Valentine’s Day The Lexicon of Love ABC Pat
00:15:00 Viva Love The Lexicon of Love II ABC Pat
00:15:00 Ten Below Zero The Lexicon of Love II ABC Pat
00:15:00 Taxi Heads & Tales Harry Chapin Pat
00:20:00 Sequel Sequel Harry Chapin Pat
00:20:00 Until It Sleeps Load Metallica Kyle
00:25:00 Fuel Reload Metallica Kyle
00:25:00 Welcome to My Nightmare Welcome to My Nightmare Alice Cooper Pat
00:30:00 I’ll Bite Your Face Off Welcome 2 My Nightmare Alice Cooper Pat
00:30:00 Under the Bed Welcome 2 My Nightmare Alice Cooper Pat
00:35:00 Keep on Runnin’ Escape Journey Pat
00:35:00 Anything Is Possible Eclipse Journey Pat
00:40:00 Beauty and the Beast The Next Day David Bowie Kyle
00:40:00 If You Can See Me The Next Day David Bowie Kyle
00:45:00 I Don’t Believe in Love Operation: Mindcrime Queensrÿche Pat
00:50:00 I’m American Operation: Mindcrime II Queensrÿche Pat
00:50:00 Rearrange You Operation: Mindcrime II Queensrÿche Pat
00:50:00 I’m Alright Caddyshack Soundtrack Kenny Loggins Pat
00:55:00 Nobody’s Fool Caddyshack II Soundtrack Kenny Loggins Pat
01:00:00 Dragula Hellbilly Deluxe Rob Zombie Kyle
01:00:00 Werewolf Women of the SS Hellbilly Deluxe 2 Rob Zombie Kyle
01:05:00 Thick as a Brick Thick as a Brick Jethro Tull Pat
01:05:00 Swing It Far Thick as a Brick 2 Ian Anderson Pat
01:10:00 Old School Song Thick as a Brick 2 Ian Anderson Pat
01:10:00 Someone Saved My Life Tonight Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy Elton John Pat
01:10:00 Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy Elton John Pat
01:15:00 The Captain & the Kid The Captain & the Kid Elton John Pat
01:15:00 Sad Statue Mesmerize System of a Down Kyle
01:15:00 Lonely Day Hypnotize System of a Down Kyle
01:25:00 Show Me the Way (Live) Frampton Comes Alive! Peter Frampton Pat
01:30:00 Lying (Live) Frampton Comes Alive! II Peter Frampton Pat
01:30:00 Kentucky Woman (Live) Hot August Night Neil Diamond Pat
01:30:00 Cracklin’ Rosie (Live) Hot August Night II Neil Diamond Pat
01:35:00 Absolute Zero House of Gold & Bones - Part 1 Stone Sour Kyle
01:35:00 Do Me a Favor House of Gold & Bones - Part 2 Stone Sour Kyle
01:40:00 Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…) A Night at the Opera Queen Pat
01:40:00 Tie Your Mother Down A Day at the Races Queen Pat
01:45:00 Steppin’ Out Night and Day Joe Jackson Pat
01:45:00 A Slow Song Night and Day Joe Jackson Pat
01:45:00 Stranger Than You Night and Day II Joe Jackson Pat
01:50:00 Bat Out of Hell Bat Out of Hell Meat Loaf Pat
01:55:00 Everything Louder Than Everything Else Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell Meat Loaf Pat
01:55:00 Alive Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose Meat Loaf Pat